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There are two ways to formulate a thesis: 1) by brainstorming based on the topic you are to write about, and 2) by beginning the drafting process of the body of your essay.

As you explore your subject and identify questions you would like to investigate, you will begin to see possible ways to focus your material. Try to settle on a tentative central idea. The more complex your topic, the more your focus will change as your draft evolves.

Beginning the drafting of your essay before deciding on a thesis is certainly an option; however, it is a good idea to formulate a tentative thesis very early in the writing process in order to have a central idea to focus your writing on. It will help to shape your thoughts. As you refine your ideas, your main point may change so do not be concerned about the exact wording in the early stages.

As soon as you arrive at a tentative thesis, you may want to place it in the header of your outline and drafting an introductory paragraph that includes it.

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