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While I was in college a few years ago, I was taken aback that so many students at various levels had issues with passing their English papers. Most of these students were well spoken and able to make the connections during class discussions, yet found it difficult to relay their communication on paper.

I have always been a very thoughtful and considerate person, and when I saw so many of them being left behind because of this one course, I just could not sit by and watch, so I offered to help. They submitted the work they had done to me, and I looked them over and made adjustments. In most cases, rearranging some of the points made and omitting a few unnecessary words, were all that was essential to have their essays in good standing. However, some of them were way off point while others were lacking in substance because a good thesis was not formulated on which to develop the essay. Of course this may seem like an easy way out, but if you have been to college, you know how stressful keeping up with all the classes can be without having to constantly fail the same class.

Now, years later, I keep overhearing students at various venues discussing among themselves the difficulty they are having with their English courses; being disdained by being held back because of their inability to pass despite their numerous efforts; and wishing that there was someone who could just do it for them. I was touched, especially when I heard a young man’s grouse about failing his English paper and being held back for the third semester. I thought ‘how miserable he must be’ ‘quite a few students are having difficulty with their English papers’ ‘how can I help?’ Thus, I have created this site.

This website was created for three main reasons: 1) To help individuals who are struggling with writing effective English essay papers, by elaborating on what they are being taught about essay writing, in the hope that they will get a better understanding or gain new insights and techniques for successful essay writing. 2) To evaluate and make adjustments to current essay papers of struggling individuals who have made numerous attempts to pass a class and have been unsuccessful. 3) To create a source of help for individuals who are quite good with essay writing but have found themselves engrossed with assignments and need to designate in order to have all their assignments ready in a timely fashion.

I take great pleasure in inviting you to use my service, and look forward to serving you.

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